Transgender youth have been part of our youth support and social group since its beginning in 2001; however, they often have different needs that those questioning or embracing their sexuality. With this in mind, and also having received many calls from transgender adults in need, we created our Transgender Initiative in 2015 for all ages.

“This is so exciting.  I have been with LRP since its beginning and saw this need grow and grow.  Now that we have started the Transgender Initiative, we are able to support more of our community members in a specific way, and we are finally reaching those who identify as the “T” in our LBGT community.” 

Lori Warfield, Co-founder

The Initiative will LRP build a base from which to work addressing transgender peoples’ needs.  More importantly, transgender community members will be encouraged to help guide and be part of this initiative in hopes that a stronger transgender community will be formed.

The Initiative includes:

  • Peer-led support group: bi-weekly, open to anyone who identifies as trans or who is exploring their gender identity
  • Website page with a resource list that focuses on Health Care Providers
  • One-on-one advocacy and referrals
  • Assistance in receiving transitional items, for example, clothing and chest binders
  • A regional, transgender community gathering where members will have opportunities to be involved in planning the Initiative’s future
  • Transgender cultural competency training for LRP’s board and staff
  • Transgender training for community groups and agencies through our Speakers and Trainers Bureau
  • Annual transgender educational forum for the wider Southern Oregon audience

If you would like to be part of this Initiative or utilize its services, email [email protected], or call (877) 577-2244.