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Our Vision:

“Our vision is to provide accurate, unbiased, and useful sexuality education; to end ignorance, promote tolerance, and improve communication between teens and the important people in their lives.”

Who We Are:

REVolution (REV) Rising is the Youth Action Council for Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon (PPSO) and the Lotus Rising Project (LRP). REV Rising is made up of a diverse student body from local schools and young people from the LRP interactive theater group. Members come to the group with different beliefs and viewpoints. No one is expected to already know about sexual/reproductive health right, prevention issues or have theater experience. We strive to create a Council that is strong and varied in its membership and work actively to build a group that is anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic.

What We Do:

  • We create peer-to-peer dialogue.
  • We present as volunteer educators to youth and youth serving adults on various topics such as, healthy relationships, communication, dating violence, sexual health & much more!
  • We train medical students on how to meet the sexual health needs of teen patients.
  • We write and participate in interactive theater events
  • We act as resources by sharing sexual health information with our friends and peers.
  • We participate in weekly meetings and trainings to increase knowledge and skills.
  • We are part of the solution while connecting others to this important work!




Update from RevRising Program Coordinator

Rev Rising was honored to participate in Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Teams’ Sexual Assault Survivor’s Healing (SASH) First Friday Art show in Ashland on April 7th.  The teens read two poems that bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault at the Ashland Art Center as part of an art exhibit put on by survivors and members of the SASH peer support group.  We enjoy having the opportunity to work in the community and support organizations that do such great work!

We can help your organization communicate with, provide comprehensive services for, and educate teens in the most effective ways.  We have a couple of key tools that we use for teens to teach their peers as well as the adult’s in their lives about the issues important to them- Peer Education and Interactive Theater.

Peer Education is one way the youth learn to be in front of their peers and talk about topics that can be challenging to talk about. The youth join a Planned Parenthood educator in middle and high school classrooms across the valley.  They lead activities, help with class discussion and provide a role model for youth on how to talk openly about sexuality in a healthy way. The youth have also told us that they become a source of medically accurate information for their peers in their everyday life!  

Interactive, or Forum, Theater is a tool for people to solve conflicts, start conversations, and work as a community. It was created in the 1960’s by a man named Augusto Boal as a way for people from differing viewpoints to come together to have a dialogue.  We have found great success in using this form of theater as an opportunity to look at ways to solve issues of bullying, sexual harassment and assault, as well as youth adult communication.  With this form of theater the audience is invited to come onstage and change the situation for the better. Augusto Boal calls it, “a rehearsal for life”, and that’s just what it is! It’s a great opportunity to try different problem solving tactics and make mistakes in a safe and supportive environment!

For the next several months we will keep working on our peer education, interactive theater, poetry, writing and publishing another Zine.  We continue to enjoy this partnership between Lotus Rising Project and Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon!  Stay tuned for information about upcoming events!

If you have youth in your life, age 15-20, that might be interested in being a part of RevRising,  or if you have any questions about our program, or would like to book us for healthy sexuality peer education in the classroom, youth adult communication using interactive theater, or a poem or two at an event, you can contact [email protected] for more information!

April 2017