Del’s House Emergency Funds Application

Del’s House has an emergency fund program. This fund helps with emergency needs such as:

Shelter: We may provide a night stay in a motel for a youth or young adult in need. Usually this is under a circumstance of being kicked out of their home or leaving for safety reasons.

Travel: We may provide assistance with gas cards, bus tickets, plane tickets in situations where there is a safety need or financial strain. We have provided youth and parents with gift cards for fuel when they volunteer regularly to transport youth to meetings, have paid for bus tickets for youth stranded out of town, trying to get home.

Clothing: We may help with clothing or shoes which are not in the Del’s House inventory, especially for helping someone prepare for job interviews or school.

Health Care: We may subsidize the cost of counseling or medications.

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If yes, for what did you receive scholarship? When?
How were you referred to Del's House? By whom?

Our work is based on principles of compassion, respect and reciprocity. This means that we recognize each person has value and therefore has something worthy to offer themselves and others. Most of the people who receive scholarship with LRP, make a commitment to reciprocity with us. This takes many forms and is catered to what works for all of us.

Most people have volunteered at events or put up flyers around town for events. Some have served on committees and some have helped write grants, teach, or develop policy and procedure. Everyone needs help from time to time and there is no shame in receiving.

Are you willing to receive scholarship and give reciprocity?

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