Vendor Information

Lotus Rising Project is hosting the 2018 Rogue Valley PRIDE “Rising with Pride".  As part of the Festival, we are inviting companies and organizations who share our values of diversity and inclusiveness to join us by staffing informational or vendor booths. The booths will take place on Saturday, October 13th, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM in Lithia Park near the Bandshell.

Space will be available for both non-profit and for-profit vendors. We estimate public attendance at around 1000 to 2500 people. The deadline for the Booth Application is Friday, October 5, 2018. Late applications will be processed only as space remains available.

Booth set-up starts at 9:00 AM. Unfortunately, electricity will NOT be provided.

Individual booth spaces are 12 feet by 12 feet and are assigned by event coordinators, grouping together "like" vendors. Lotus Rising Project does reserve the right to make any adjustments to booth locations as needed. No alcohol vendors will be accepted. Lotus Rising Project reserves the right deny an application for any or no reason. (refunds will be issued to denied applications.)

Booth space fees are as follows:

Non-profit vendor booths: $50.00    

Vendor booths: $75.00

Food Vendor: $125

If you have any questions, please e-mail the pride committee at  [email protected]


Booth Information and Vendor Rules

  • A “vendor” is any organization participating in Rogue Valley PRIDE regardless of non-profit status, type of merchandise, or method of participation.
  • Submitting the registration and application fee binds vendors to these rules.
  • All spaces are 12x12 feet. If you rent more than one space, the spaces will be placed together unless requested otherwise.
  • Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, canopies, etc.
  • Rogue Valley PRIDE is a public event. Booth set up starts at 9:00 AM, and must be completed by 11:00 AM for fire marshal and Lotus Rising Project inspection.
  • Teardown can begin at 2:30 PM (although 3:00 PM is preferred) and all vendors should be out of the lot by 4:00 PM.
  • Attending Rogue Valley PRIDE automatically provides a media release to Lotus Rising Project. Please be advised that media may come to the event and is responsible for its own releases.
  • Vendors will follow all federal and state laws as well as all city ordinances.
  • Vendors may sell food and beverage (no alcohol) provided that they have all of the proper permits.
  • Vendors will stay for the duration of the event. Failure to do so may result in denial of future booth applications.
  • Lotus Rising Project and the PRIDE Committee reserves the right to make changes at any time as deemed necessary. Any changes will be written and e-mailed to vendors.
  • Lotus Rising Project does not guarantee the exclusive rights to sell any product.
  • Lotus Rising Project must receive booth applications and payments by Friday, October 5, 2018.
  • In an effort to make all of our events accessible for everyone, we ask that you pay attention to the following accessibility guidelines from the City of Ashland:
    • Sales or service counters should be no more than 36 inches from the ground, and the width must be at least 36 inches wide
    • All paths of travel must be free from cords and other obstructions.
    • For more information, please contact Dave Kanner, Administrator, City of Ashland at 541-488-6002.
  • Late applications will only be processed if there is space available.
  • We encourage all vendors to think of creative ways to engage Rogue Valley PRIDE participants. Interactive displays, demonstrations, and other engaging activities are invited. Be creative and have fun. A vendor will be asked to change their booth or will be prohibited from participating if it is deemed offensive by Lotus Rising Project staff or volunteers.
    • No refunds will be issued if your booth is denied by Lotus Rising Project at inspection.
  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, you (the vendor) shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless, Lotus Rising Project, City of Ashland, Ashland Parks and Recreation District,  and their staff, volunteers, or anyone acting upon their behalf. This applies to all claims, actions, suits causes of action, or demands which arise or are in any way connected with the acts or omissions of you, your employees, directors, officials, agents, volunteers, or persons acting on your behalf. We also will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen materials caused by weather, elements of nature (e.g.- fire or earthquakes), or theft.
  • All vendors are asked to “police” their own area. It is critical that we leave the park area we use in super clean condition and not damaged. Lotus Rising Project will be having volunteers tour the grounds afterward and their report will be presented in our post-event review.

Download application: 2018 Pride-Vendor-Booths-Application.docx

If mailing application:

Mail completed booth application and fee to:

Lotus Rising Project

Attn: Pride Booth Application

1314 Center Drive Unit F

Medford, OR 97501



Applications will not be processed until payment is received. After successful submission of online form you will be redirected to payment screen.