October 25, 2015

Staff and Board


Lotus Rising is run by a talented, hard-working team of individuals versed in the topics of oppression, social justice, and community engagement. Our identities as activists set the paradigms for our work as professionals.


Mario Fregoso (he/him)
Interim Executive Director/Co-founder

Mario is a co-founder of Lotus Rising project, who saw a need for a community organization to help LGBTQ in our local area via social justice and services. Mario is an alum to the Sexuality and Gender Alliance youth group (formally known as Not Straight Not Sure) and to LRP’s Youth Empowerment Theater program. Mario has also served on Lotus Rising Project Board of Directors twice, both times serving as Board President. He holds a degree in Computer Network Administration form Portland Community College.  He is a single father to a beautiful daughter named Addison and enjoys spending free time doing yard work and being outdoors.  He also is a huge movie buff. 

Mario can be reached at Mario@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x2.


Kyndra Laughery (she/her)
Youth Empowerment Theater Coordinator

Kyndra Laughery graduated from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  She grew up in Grants Pass and was active in her first political campaign when Measure 9 was introduced targeting the LGBTQ community.  Kyndra also works as a Prevention Coordinator for the Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team and is the lead presenter of the Choice Point Bullying Prevention Program for RESOLVE. Kyndra believes in the power of youth to make a difference in the world through art and education. She enjoys spending time with her family, her dogs, and performing long form improvisation as part of the three-woman improv troupe, The Hamazons.

Kyndra can be reached at kyndra@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x3.


Trans Initiative Coordinator 

for more information contact info@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0


Southern Oregon Gay-Straight Alliance Network Coordinator 

for more information contact info@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0

Sexuality and Gender Alliance Coordinator

for more information contact info@lotusrisngproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0.


Lotus Rising is governed by a board comprised of community members from a wealth of backgrounds, experiences, and identities. Our board works closely with the staff to ensure the well-being of the organization.

Deb Groskreutz (She/Her)

Board President

Deb started her career as a high school math/science teacher and coach. She then obtained a Masters of Arts degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University and pursued a career in research at a variety of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Being drawn to technology, Deb next entered the field of bioinformatics and database systems where she served for over 15 years before starting her own Software and Consulting company based in Ashland, OR. Throughout her varied career, Deb learned the universal human need to be seen, heard, and respected. She strives to work with people and situations from a place of kindness, respect, compassion and understanding. Deb has also realized the importance of spiritual healing required by many of us to reach our full and unique potential, so after studying and practicing spiritual and therapeutic modalities, Deb now provides guidance through spiritual workshops and one-on-one consultation following Indigenous, Shamanic, and Hypnotherapeutic traditions. Deb enjoys camping, hiking, dog walks and snuggles with a good book. One of her favorite quotes to live by is, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” by Joseph Campbell. 

Deb can be reached at deb@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0.


Page't Yannelli (She/Her)
Board Vice President

Page’t is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Southern Oregon University. She has been a successful business owner for over 25 years. She has worked with “at risk” youth through several organizations, including volunteering for runaway and suicide hotlines, youth shelters, and group homes. She has worked with sexual abuse victims and offenders with Parents United International. She has facilitated youth groups for trauma survivors, and sex ED and HIV education. She has also studied Qigong in China, and Yoga in Thailand and India. She is passionate about creating community support for LGBTQ youth so they thrive to live richer fuller lives and become future leaders and mentors.

Paget can be reached at paget@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0.


Shannon Webb (she/her)
Board Treasurer

Shannon works in the medical field and has extensive experience in community leadership.  She has served on other boards and committees such as Sweet Adeline, Inc., Labrys Society (LBGT social group in Grants Pass, Oregon) and the Lioness Club. Her most recent LBGT endeavors are helping facilitate Lotus Rising Project’s 2016 Alternative Prom, creating Drag Shows for Labrys Society, and fulfilling the role of LRP PRIDE chairperson for Southern Oregon’s 2016 PRIDE celebration.  Shannon enjoys working with LRP’s youth and helping the organization grow.  In her spare time, she enjoys crocheting, photography and watching movies. 

Shannon can be reached at shannon@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0.


Lynzee Robinson (she/her)
Board Secretary

Lynzee is a pansexual mom of 2 who has lived in the Rogue Valley since birth. She is currently a full time manager for Franz Bakery Outlet and runs the Rogue Valley LGBTQ Group on Facebook. Lynzee enjoys planning events for the local LBGTQ community. Her past time interests include:  coffee shops, listening to music for hours on end, being outdoors, and photography.

Lynzee can be reached at Lynzee@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0.

Evan Mouledoux (he/him/his)
Board Member

Evan is a grassroots community organizer based in Ashland. After serving as the Interim Executive Director in 2015 and early 2016, he returned to the board where he currently chairs the Policy and Procedures committee. Evan brings experience in nonprofit governance, leadership development, and coalition building. Currently serving as the LGBTQ Caucus Chair at Jackson County Democrats, he participates in various political campaigns, most notably Tonia Moro for Senate. Evan volunteers with Rogue Climate and Unite Oregon (formerly Oregon Action) and is intensely passionate about economic justice and transportation.

Evan can be reached at evan@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0.


Adrienne Kimmy (she/her)
Board Member

Adrienne holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Art from Randolph-Macon Woman's College. Her experience includes two years as a Youth Advisor in the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Las Vegas and her desire is to connect and empower young people to be whomever they are meant to be. After working several years in the green building industry as a Certified Energy Analyst, she felt compelled to explore more sustainable lifestyles. In the fall of 2015, she received her Permaculture Design Certificate and is currently involved in the Master Recycling program in Jackson County Oregon. Adrienne enjoys coffee & conversation, photography, and rock climbing, and she believes that each unique being is integral to the prosperity of the whole.

Adrienne Kimmy can be reached at Adrienne@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0.


Aisha Young (She/hers)
Board Member

Aisha has a Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture with an option in Ecological and Sustainable Production from Oregon State University. During college, she spent time working for the OSU Pride Center where she served as a student peer facilitator. She focused her work on food security and the intersection of LGBTQ+ lives in multifaceted dimensions including (but not limited to) socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, ability, documentation status, and environmental sustainability.  She was awarded the Marilyn Gorski Award for Excellence, Integrity, and Outstanding Contributions to Oregon State University.  Aisha grew up as a queer youth in the Rogue Valley and is thrilled to be giving back to a community that was critical in her personal development as a young person. She enjoys gardening, spending time with family over a good laugh, and creating community. 

Aisha can be reached at Aisha@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0.


Gabriel Blue (they/them/their)
Board Member/Co-founder

Gabriel is a white, disabled, trans and genderqueer (agender) identified person. They grew up off and on the streets and succeeded in gaining a Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication, a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. They have published the following documents: Gender Inclusive Language Organizational Training Guide (2012); Beyond the Binary: Gender, Research, and Restaurants (2009); and Intersex Information and Resource Guide (2008-2009).  Gabriel believes that if a community is not safe for one group, it's not safe for any group. They love reading, backpacking, learning Spanish and American Sign Language, and spending time with their two companion cats, Aria and Miki. 

Gabriel can be reached at gabriel@lotusrisingproject.org or 1-877-LRP-2244 x0.

The next regularly scheduled monthly board meeting will be held: 

Monday, February 19th at 6:30pm