July 25, 2016

Rogue Valley PRIDE



Rogue Valley Pride 2016 has come and gone.

If you are interested in volunteering for Rogue Valley Pride 2017 Please email info@lotusrisingproject.org

Please take a moment to fill out a survey about this year’s Rogue Valley Pride. You can also be entered into a drawing for a free Pride t-shirt if you complete the survey by Nov 14th.

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Rogue Valley Pride 2016


Strength, Courage, and Resilience

Our LGBTQ and Ally community have endured many struggles in the fight for our rights, and the Orlando shootings this year brought up many memories and feelings. Our theme this year honors those who lost their lives in Orlando and others who have been our social justice warriors. The theme also reflects the 3 traits that we exhibit on a daily basis to move forward in our lives.

Embracing our Community’s Intersections

This year, to enact change in the Rogue Valley as a community after such a tragedy, we have a secondary theme. This theme will be represented through various aspects of the festival, such as our Grand Marshals, event audiences, and outreach as we embrace how our identities intersect.


Meet our Grand Marshals


Kaylee Walker

Bio: I took the role of leader in amBi Southern Oregon last Winter. I was no longer just another member who occasionally hosted some outings here and there. I became the core resource for social activity for my group of roughly 150 other people. It is up to me (and my other organizers) to provide LGBT+ friendly events and meetings where my group can feel safe and welcome. Due to the diversity of our group, we’ve expanded the types of activities we partake in. We’ve hosted the Bi Revolution at Love Revolution for two years in a row, we do group hikes, holiday parties, movie nights, bar hops, Pokemon Go adventures, Bob Ross/painting and wine nights, family picnics at the parks, burlesque bingo, drag shows, clothing swaps, book club, fire dancing, art walks, movie outings, concerts, belly dancing, and whatever else we think up. The point of amBi is to build community and create a network of people from all walks of life to come together.



Mekhi Richardson

I’m Mekhi Richardson, I’m a junior at North Medford High School, I’m involved in the theatre department there and I’m also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I realized I was trans at 14, came out as a transguy at 15, and came out as gay at 16. I was involved with the Hedridk counter protest, we were supporting the transgender community’s right to use their preferred bathroom. I’m very headstrong about my stance and proud of being part of the LGBT+ community!



Jaxi Woods-Smith

I’m Jaxi Woods-Smith, I’m 17, and I’m a senior at North Medford high school. I came out as bisexual at 13, and nonbinary at 17 (though since 13 I had been questioning my gender identity.) I’m currently directing a play at my high school and plan to go into directing films after high school. My involvement with the Lotus Rising Project includes volunteering at this past Alternative Prom on the decorations committee and attended the dance with my friends.



Rogue Valley Pride 2016 sponsors:

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