Lotus Rising has a variety of programs which work comprehensively to support, inform, and reach out to LGBTQ+ people across Southern Oregon.

Youth Empowerment Theatre

YET is a theater troupe of youth who use Augusto Boal’s model of interactive theater to educate about social justice and safe school environments.

Southern Oregon Gay-Straight Alliance Network

SOGSASN, in addition to putting on events and trainings for youth, acts as a support network for GSAs in the area and helps youth lead or start GSAs at their school.

Trans Initiative

This is a safe, private space for people who identify as transgender, gender-non-conforming, genderqueer/genderfluid, or are in the process of exploring and discovering their authentic selves who are seeking support and/or connection to the trans community.


SAGA is a support group for queer youth (24 and under) which provides a safe space and offers free sessions with a licensed therapist.

Del’s House

Del’s House provides material support to queer people in need, including food, transportation vouchers, and clothing items pertinent to gender transitions.

LRP is one of ten grassroots nonprofits in Oregon awarded the Capacity Building Initiative, a three-year $90,000 grant, by the MRG Foundation.

Our Mission and Vision

We envision a world without oppression, where respect and compassionate activism create a climate in which people can freely express their sexual orientation and gender identity without fear of retribution. In this world, everyone creatively contributes to social change and youth are empowered to actively build the world in which they want to live.
"LRP is a youth initiated, compassion-based nonprofit."

In 2001, several Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer (LBGTQ) youth and a local therapist began meeting as a support group named Not Straight Not Sure (NSNS). The group members dreamt of starting a social justice organization to create systemic change throughout Southern Oregon. This dream came true, in 2008, when they and another mentor founded Lotus Rising Project.

The Lotus Rising Project is a youth initiated, compassion-based non-profit organization that embraces diversity. We create community and social change through respect, education and responsible action. Our vision is a world without oppression, where respect and compassionate activism is possible and people can freely express their sexual orientation and gender identity without fear of retribution.

  • 90% of LGBT teens

    have been bullied at least once in the last year because of their perceived sexual orientation.

  • 30% of LGBT youth

    are bullied or abused at home because of their sexual identity or gender identity.

  • 62% of Homeless LGBT Youth

    will attempt suicide. LGBT youth are also twice as likely to be homeless when compared to their straight counterparts.

  • 38% of LGBT YOUTH of COLOR

    have been physically harassed at school because of their perceived sexual orienation.


LRP is sustained by the kindness of both individual donors and large foundations. Here, you will find some of LRP's financial supporters along with links to check out the other wonderful organizations they fund.
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McKenzie River Gathering

MRG funds only grassroots organizations like LRP. MRG has funded LRP repeatedly, most notably with the $90,000 CBI grant.
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The Equity Foundation funds LRP for general operating. Equity is based in Portland and funds across Oregon.
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Oregon Community Foundation

OCF works with more than 1.900 charitable organizations around Oregon. LRP is proud to be one of them!
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Meyer Memorial Trust

MMT (currently on a working hiatus) granted LRP $10,000 to produce a film highlighting the lives of queer people in the Rogue Valley. Stay tuned!
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The Pride Foundation, in addition to giving scholarships to students who demonstrate leadership within the queer community, works closely with LRP to anticipate the community’s needs.
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Linda Perry

Linda Perry Singer/Song Writer Humanitarian

What youth are saying

LRP solicits the feedback of our target population so that we may better serve them. Here's what they think.

Are you a queer youth or ally in need of support or guidance? LRP might be able to help. We have resources to help you help yourself.

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